Why Attend

Customer Experience is at the top of every smart business leader’s agenda. With customer expectation elevating by the day, it is imperative that industry leaders invest their resources in CX.

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At AI CX Summit, you will find industry experts sharing their insights and extensively covering the most relevant topics in CX. You will leave with a clear vision and be able to incorporate this to deliver best-in-class Customer Experience in this age of the empowered customer.

With interactive formats throughout, you’ll get a deeper insight into the ever-evolving field of CX and develop a unique vision that will change the way you perceive and progress the verticles you impact today.

Why Sponsor

Meet pre-qualified buyers with a verified spending budgets and generate highly-targeted business leads. Gain brand visibility and a competitive edge to be showcased for the CX professionals.

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Detailed analytics at every step of your presence in the virtual event and heightened engagement with buyers.

Virtual Networking designed to accommodate quick and seamless interaction with prospects.

Reach your target audience by pre-scheduling meetings with potential clients and understand business specific needs.

Key Takeaways

Access latest market intelligence on the CX during crisis & how to build a sustainable plan for future Insightful sessions to learn & benchmark against other companies.

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Gain insights on latest technologies and solutions to improve your CX strategy and delivery

Understand how you can use data to derive value and refine customer loyalty

Explore employee engagement strategies to drive efficiency & consistent experiences

CX Summit Events


In today’s age of abundance, one thing that isn’t abundant is the average customer’s patience. The pandemic has changed consumer behavior forever. The way they search, engage, purchase, and seek support has seen rapid shifts which have major implications for all businesses.

Add to this, the rise of the 24/7 Digital Customer, customer-
experience continues to be on top of the agenda for business leaders. At AI CX Summit, you will hear from leaders who have duly transformed customer journey to meet the needs of the digital-first customer.
The agenda is carefully curated to address challenges faced along multiple touch points, helping you overcome various silos. Through engaging panel discussions, insightful keynotes and immersive networking sessions, the event is sure to incite both thought and action at your organization.


Understand where AI-powered solutions will make the greatest impact on your customer experience and business bottom line

Set up an efficient, future-proof framework for managing your customer relationships with more ease and context in an omnichannel environment

Reduce your innovation failure rate and riskslinked with integrating AI solutions into your customer journey through ensuring the key success factors are in place

Build a more continuous agile experience with virtual assistants and learn how to maximise their intelligence

Equip your customer care and support team with all the necessary tools and information to enable them to have more meaningful conversations that make a lasting impression on your customers

Reduce customer effort to ensure interactions with your brand are as effortless and natural for the modern customer as can be

Tap into the lifetime customer value proposition and how technologies, like AI can help you unlock a more sustainable business



Network with cross-industry decision-makers in:

Customer Experience & Customer Service

Digital Transformation

Customer Insight

Innovation & AI Integration